Go Go Cafe

After his exposure with abs cbn news, His video went viral on facebook. It’s amazingly surprising for us to see a japanese person selling food on the street. (especially in cebu).

His food captured the heart of the cebuanos. He used to sell onigiri and tonkatsu sandwich outside IT Park Lahug and People would fall in line for his deliciously satisfying food.

Finally, he opened his Cafe at JDN SQUARE located at P. remedio street banilad mandaue city.
I went there several times with friends. The place is clean, quiet, affordable and good for relaxation. I also cant get enough of his tonkatsu sandwich. It is so tender and it goes perfectly with the sauce.

He has his very own recipe, so his Tonkatsu bowl and sandwich is one of a kind. (Meat now is thicker than before).
They also sell Tea, Coffee, other food, canned beverages and sweets.

I highly recommend this place.
Store opens at 7:30am-11:00pm on weekdays. it closes 8:00pm On weekends.


Strap is a local skateboarding brand in cebu. It has a reasonable price and has a high end quality products that satisfy the customers (like me).

This Cap is one of the latest collection from STRAP. It has a very comfortable fit and perfect form.
It also comes with Red and Dark blue color.

For more items or info You may like strap on facebook or follow them on instagram:


Lipbalm treatment

Ive been using this item for a month now. Snoe never fails to amaze me. After application i can instantly feel that minty sensation on my lips. The color stays for a long time. After eating and drinking, you dont need fo retouch.

Look at these photos below. Upon application result up to 8 hours of usage. (After eating and drinking results).

I highyly recommend this item to those people who also want lip treatment and want organic products.

My lips skin started peeling after 2 days. Replacing the old ones to new ones.


Snoe White Beauty Bar

Snoe White Special Black Beauty Bar contains EFG technology – repairs the epidermis, delays aging, faded scars and speckles, inhibits wrikles, moistens skin and minimizes pores bu improving the texture and condition of the skin.

multi fruits acids- loosen the skin cells and provide even exfoliation to help cell turnover.

deoxy arbutin- the latest ingredients in skin brightening! It safety lightens away dark spots, blemishes, freckles and melasma for renewed skin clarity and effective hyper pigmention correction.

and tomato – even out the skin and revives the glow giving you healthy- looking skin. It contains high amount of vitamin C to brigten the skin.

Unlike other whitening soap, this one didnt make my skin too dry and it has a good smell. I also use sunscreen after bathing, we need to limit ourselves to sun exposure since this soap contains (AHA) alpha hydroxy acids.

I read a lot of times that AHA can worsen spider vains but some also protested that It has nothing to do with AHA. You may google and judge it for yourself.


Odaiba Japan

Odaiba has really a lot to offer, you can shop, dine, sight seeing, relax and find some surprisingly-amazing things.

  • Outlet stores
  • Gundam
  • One piece restaurant and merchandise store
  • Old city/ antique Cars
  • Skatepark on the roof
  • Etc.

I was so tired.. There were really a lot of people. I ended up sitting inside a coffee shop.

T’was also kinda far from where i live.
All in all.. I had fun.


Skinfood and Human Nature Review

Not all Skinfood products are organic and they use less harmful chemical.

The Egg white Pore Mask was satisfying, smoothe to the skin and it seemed like my not so huge widely open pores has totally disappeared.  I use it once every 2 weeks.

Human Nature 100% natural moisturizer with jojoba and plant collagen is also very satisfying. It has no harmful chemical and it is organic. I use it every night and it gives me that rich moisture refreshing glowing feeling til morning.

Human Nature Sunflower beauty oil can smoothen the skin and it has no smell. Not greasy nor sticky. You can also use it for your hair to shine.

It can also diminish the appearance of dark spots” ——— ( i am waiting for the result, since im new and not even half a bottle of using it, ill update the result after a month or two).