Fireworks in Japan

In Japan, they have this summer festival with fireworks and people wearin’ those lovely Yukatas.

Going there was not a problem. Going back was the problem.

Really didn’t expect to see so many people.




Hong Kong Airport

You can buy your octopus card here and be on your way. You can even ride a bus outside going to the city.

The City

You can go anywhere with your octopus card.  You’ll  prolly get lost when you ride a bus and don’t know where to stop. but trains… as long as you know where you’re going then everything is fine.  Night Market is very popular, they sell amazing affordable stuff.

Temples and Vintage Shops

prices are still affordable you can buy some amazing stuff from 50 hk dollars.



if you cant eat street food then might as well go to mcdonalds.



There are a lot of things piling up in my mind, it’s like a never ending images of catastrophe.

I need to have a diversion in order for me to keep my sanity and composure.
Im really bad at writing things nowadays, especially when it comes to compiling My thoughts.

Nevertheless, this is just one of those emotional instability that you need to meditate or drink your ass off until you get drunk and pass out.

I, myself could never fathom out why I’m feeling this. (it’s the weather).
Im utterly convinced and confused.
Being alone was never part of my suffering but fear itself has.