Hong Kong Airport

You can buy your octopus card here and be on your way. You can even ride a bus outside going to the city.

The City

You can go anywhere with your octopus card.  You’ll  prolly get lost when you ride a bus and don’t know where to stop. but trains… as long as you know where you’re going then everything is fine.  Night Market is very popular, they sell amazing affordable stuff.

Temples and Vintage Shops

prices are still affordable you can buy some amazing stuff from 50 hk dollars.



if you cant eat street food then might as well go to mcdonalds.



Odaiba Japan

Odaiba has really a lot to offer, you can shop, dine, sight seeing, relax and find some surprisingly-amazing things.

  • Outlet stores
  • Gundam
  • One piece restaurant and merchandise store
  • Old city/ antique Cars
  • Skatepark on the roof
  • Etc.

I was so tired.. There were really a lot of people. I ended up sitting inside a coffee shop.

T’was also kinda far from where i live.
All in all.. I had fun.