Lipbalm treatment

Ive been using this item for a month now. Snoe never fails to amaze me. After application i can instantly feel that minty sensation on my lips. The color stays for a long time. After eating and drinking, you dont need fo retouch.

Look at these photos below. Upon application result up to 8 hours of usage. (After eating and drinking results).

I highyly recommend this item to those people who also want lip treatment and want organic products.

My lips skin started peeling after 2 days. Replacing the old ones to new ones.



Snoe White Beauty Bar

Snoe White Special Black Beauty Bar contains EFG technology – repairs the epidermis, delays aging, faded scars and speckles, inhibits wrikles, moistens skin and minimizes pores bu improving the texture and condition of the skin.

multi fruits acids- loosen the skin cells and provide even exfoliation to help cell turnover.

deoxy arbutin- the latest ingredients in skin brightening! It safety lightens away dark spots, blemishes, freckles and melasma for renewed skin clarity and effective hyper pigmention correction.

and tomato – even out the skin and revives the glow giving you healthy- looking skin. It contains high amount of vitamin C to brigten the skin.

Unlike other whitening soap, this one didnt make my skin too dry and it has a good smell. I also use sunscreen after bathing, we need to limit ourselves to sun exposure since this soap contains (AHA) alpha hydroxy acids.

I read a lot of times that AHA can worsen spider vains but some also protested that It has nothing to do with AHA. You may google and judge it for yourself.