Work ethics between Japanese and Filipinos

Before working in a Japanese Company, one should know what kind of work ethic do the japanese have.

In my opinion, both sides should respect each other culture differences. It is unfair to say that the japanese are the only ones who should adjust since they are the ones who came to the Philippines.

I do think that they should follow the philippine law. (To those who didn’t follow, you may report them by all means).
Each company has their own style and rules (Inside the company). Most of them would like you to WORK during working hours.

To some employees, If you think that you have nothing to do since you are waiting for your next class or you just finished a recent project or there is no customer in the restaurant yet, bottom line is you should do something that is related to your work. Improve yourself! Don’t stay idle for a long time And most importantly, don’t do unnecessary things to avoid complaints and unprofessionalism.

Refrain from making excuses not to work well in a company.
You can always quit if you are not happy. you can always go in a laid back environment and you can always choose.

To some self proclaimed agencies, please stop that overpriced bullshit! let them pay the right amount, the Japanese worked their asses off to earn. Stop your fucking corruption.

To some Japanese Employer, Intern and etc, based on experienced, please know the law of the Philippines before making any businesses here. Know the differences between the government here and there. Do’s and dont’s and the culture. Don’t give in to illegal things, like paying people huge amount of money so everything will be easier, just go with legal processes with legal documents and everything will be okay.

Multitasking is not a problem as long as the work is still related to the field, don’t make people do things they are not even hired for. Please be specific in your contract to refrain any misunderstandings.
Don’t keep promises you cant keep, giving false hope is the worst.

The Philippines is a developing country as you know. Don’t compare Japan and the Philippines, obviously, you already know the differences.

To some of you, please try not to look down on them. (I recently read a blog and this person had some complaints about his employees, he ended up generalizing everybody).

If i offended some of you, please note that I used “some” on my blog cause i don’t want to generalize people.. Some are good and some are bad but not everybody, even though some would say that “almost everybody is the same” or “usually” but the mere fact is, it is still not EVERYBODY.